Change font for no style

Since it is mandated to use NO STYLE for the default style when compiling, please tell me how to change the font to the font the literary agent wants the submission to use?

That’s one of the easier things to do:


It’s hardly a “mandate” by the way—you can do whatever you want, but you’ll have to give up some convenience tools if you choose to use it more like a word processor, as well as be prepared to face challenges in manually setting things up certain things don’t work the way they are advertised to (like “Manuscript (Times)” doing no such thing). This tools on the other hand changes everything—that is its prime purpose. If you need Wingdings from top to bottom, footnote to page number, styled or unstyled alike, this is it.

Thank you for that.

How do I get the compile to recognize more than one style?

I am using no style for narrative and have block quote for dialogue, but it is not indenting as it appears in the editor.

I don’t think styles compile properly yet, in that neither their inherent preservation features (from the project’s stylesheet), nor the compile Styles panel’s capability to override style formatting by name, appear to have precedence over the Section Layout “normal text” formatting. Precedence should be:

  1. Global font override (above), which only changes the font family—all other characteristics use the following order.
  2. Formatting altered by the selected compile format’s Styles pane, where styles have matching names.
  3. Formatting used by the project’s stylesheet (what you see while writing).

And that’s it, for styled text anyway.