Change font on template/stylesheet?

I’ve been using scrivener for years at home, now I’ve encouraged by employer to buy a few copies and as a result I have a question from the subs team. :confused:

If i start a document with a blank template and create a few pages, the font used is Cochin 14pt, but they find it hard to read on large monitors. :open_mouth:

So my question is, where do i edit that default font? I want to create a new page and start typing and it be in Helvetica 20 pt (for example) :question:

Many thanks :smiley:


You do this by going to the “Formatting” pane of the Preferences, here:

Hope that helps - and thanks for getting your employer to buy some copies!

All the best,

Perfect Keith, thanks! No problem with getting my publisher onboard, it’s a great product! I’m still trying to tempt some editors away from Word!