Change font only for Chapters and scenes

Is there a simple way, please, to change the font only for all chapters and scenes? Thank you.i

  1. Since chapters and scenes are presumably the bulk of your project, you probably should set your overall font for that, and then work at having what’s left (front and back matter?) be in a different font. Rather than the other way around!

  2. Each Section Layout in a given Compile Format can dictate a font to be used, so if the different font regimes you want correspond to different documents in your project, then you probably want to accomplish the task by assigning the docs which should be in the different font to a distinct Section Type, and then (in Compile) you can assign that Section Type to an appropriate font-distinct Section Layout.

  3. If the difference in font you mean to control is just for specific little things like titles and headings, not whole documents, then you might better do this by defining and applying Styles that control the typeface.

Thank you. However, i have a complete manuscript (50 scenes) in the Editor already and need to change the font.

The font you are using in the Editor does not in general dictate the font of your compiled output. There is a pop-down menu at the top of the Compile dialog which you can use to specify the font you want to be used generally for that run of your compiled output.

But your initial question suggested there was some material that would be part of your compiled output that you didn’t want to change the font of. If that is not so, then the pop-down menu just mentioned is probably all you need. If it is so, then it seems to me considerations 1-3 still apply.

Have you attempted a solution of some kind, but it modified more than just the font? If so, it would help to know what you tried.

Thanks. No, I’ve changed nothing in general but am changing existing chapters one at a time as I go through the latest draft.

Thanks. It would be good to know how to change the font in all the chapters at once in the editor currently changing them one at a time.

Using Scrivenings Mode, you can get the text of multiple documents showing altogether in the Editor. If you select your Drafts folder, then Scrivenings Mode will put your entire draft in the Editor.

Then Select All, and the set the font.


Alterately, set up your new font etc. in Preferences, or in Project → Project Settings… if you only want it for this project, then use Scrivenings, Cmd-A to highlight all then Documents → Convert → Text to Default Formatting…




Using the Convert method you could inadvertently strip the specialness from otherwise specially formatted paragraphs, so be careful.

But I agree that, even if not using it for Convert, changing the Default paragraph preset (for this project at least) to the desired font is a good idea.

Thank. This works. Much appreciated.

Thanks, valuable info for future reference. However, I’ve gone at this stage for go’s suggested solution.