Change font size in entire document?

Hi all, I have a full-length book project with about 30 chapters and many individual scenes. I’m want to change the font from 14 pt to 11 pt before I output it, without having to go into each individual document and change the font size there. I thought for sure this option would be available in one of the Compile menus, but if it’s there I can’t find it. Thanks for your help!!

Don’t worry – the feature is definitely there in Compilation…

I’m typing these instructions from memory, so I may get the precise names of the instructions a bit off, but it should be simple enough.

In the Compilation dialogue, make sure the All Options tab is selected. You’ll see a list of options down the left hand side: click on ‘Formatting’. In the table to the right highlight the level which represents your text — the icon looks like a single document. When you select it, the relevant documents will be highlighted in yellow in the binder – that’s how you know you’ve chosen the right level. (The precise level to choose depends on your document structure so it’s not possible to tell you exactly which one to choose – the yellow binder highlight will tell you when you’ve got it right…)

Then make sure the Override text and notes formatting tickbox is checked, and go down to the dummy text box. If you’ve chosen the right level you should see a paragraph of text starting with ‘Main Text’ and then ‘lorem ipsum’ etc. Click on the text, then click on the ‘A’ button to change the font and size - you’ll see the changes reflected in the dummy text. This will only affect the compiled text, not your editor. (You may also see the Chapter Titles – you can change their formatting the same way.)

The dialog works in exactly the same way as the Editor Preferences formatting dialog, so it should be fairly easy to understand – you can change most formatting settings on compilation in this way.

That’s it… it takes a lot longer to explain than it does to do…


Thank you!!!