Change font size

Hi there.

Is it possible to change the font size for the entire document from 10 to 11 with out changing the font size of the tittles.

My titles are 14 and my text body is 10 but I now need to change the body text to 11. Is there a way to do this without going through the entire document selecting the body text then adjusting it to 11?

The reason is, I have a few other font sizes throughout the entire document.

Hope I made some sense. Please help.

Regards Myke X

If you have your titles typed into the text itself, then no there isn’t an efficient way of doing that. If your titles are generated during compile, using the names of the sections in your Binder, then it should be no problem to update your text size, since those titles aren’t actually in the text at all. That’s, generally speaking, going to be the best way to work for precisely this reason: it keeps your body text agile and separate from heading formats.

You will, it sounds, still have to dodge around the odd places in your text. Do keep in mind that if you use the Format/Formatting/Preserve Formatting feature to block out non-body text (a good idea, as that means you can use the compiler to reformat your body text without blowing away special things, like block quotes, epigraphs and so on), then the Documents/Convert/Convert Formatting to Default Text Style tool will ignore text within Preserve Formatting blocks. That would, incidentally, be the best way to handle embedded titles, too, if the text isn’t broken down to a sectional level in the Binder outline.