Change Format of Project

Hello all,

I started a project with a short story format and ended up with a full novel. Is there a way to switch the format of the project or should I just open a new one and copy/paste the words?


Templates are effectively just particular combinations of settings and the occasional providing and/or renaming of relevant folders – they’re actually only projects with a bit of the set up work done for you. So you can adapt any one of them to any purpose with a bit of patience.

But in your case, it might be simpler just to open your existing project, then open a new one with the relevant novel template. Put them both side by side and drag all your folders from under the top level folder (probably called ‘Manuscript’ but it might be ‘Draft’) in the old one and dump them under the equivalent top level folder in the new novel project. You can do the same with any other documents (Characters, Locations, Research etc) – move them into their new homes.

You can then compile in the normal way with the default settings now better aimed at a novel. You may have to tweak them of course, but at least you’ll be on the way.