Change formatting in Comment?

I’m using comments to collect resources and make informal footnotes for an academic project.

I have been pasting references found online into these Comments. But it preserves their weird formatting. I can change the font type and size, but not the line spacing. So I have gigantic line spacing that I appear to be stuck with.

I seemingly cannot apply a style to these notes. Nor can I change the line spacing from the dropdown int he Toolbar (it is greyed out.)

Any thoughts?

Select the insertion point, then, Edit menu > Paste and Match Style (you’ll see the keyboard shortcut there, as well).

Paste and Match Style is also available in the right-click contextual menu.

If your comments are in the Inspector sidebar, try this:

  • Select the entire comment without clicking into the text (see screenshot). You can cmd-click several comments in the Inspector at once if you need to.
  • Right-click or opt-click on the selected comment(s).
  • Select Convert to Default Formatting from the context menu.

Hope this helps!

P.S. In the future, use “Paste and Match Style” instead of Paste for these comments. That will give you a plain text paste with no formatting. There’s a shortcut but I don’t remember what it is. :blush:

Hope this helps!