Change formatting present, font


I just felt the urgent need to search for and apply a new font for my PhD thesis (procrastination maybe). Anyway, I really like having approximate “styles” in Scrivener when I do my writing. They are all set with Times New Roman. I have now applied the new font to a subchapter and redefined the formatting presets from selection. Is there any way to have this change applied automatically to all the text? Or should I forget about it and just load the entire thing and cmd + A change the font to the new one?


There’s no easy way of doing this at the moment I’m afraid, no (although we are adding true styles that would allow this for the next major update). The only way would be to apply the font to each document manually.

Remember that you can change the font during the Compile process, though, choosing to override the font throughout.

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Woah, thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:
I’m ok with doing it manually, just wanted to know if there is another way.

I know that I can change the font during Compile, but workingk with something approximating WYSIWYG is just one of my personal quirks.

Thanks a lot, have a lovely day

Don’t forget you can add keyboard shortcuts to styles which makes font/style changing much quicker than mousing around!

And you can also import a document formatted some niftily useful way, and turn every element–body text, title, subtitle, author–into separate presets.