Change Formatting Preset - Apply to Whole Document?

I’ve changed the formatting of one of my presets. Is there any way I can re-apply this preset to everywhere it’s used now (apart from searching for where it is used and reapplying it one by one)?


Yes, that Documents/Convert/Convert Formatting to Default Text Style… command is, as most Documents commands are, capable of acting on many items at once, not just the current editor. The trick is to have the selection in the Binder, and to select all of the files you wish to update with Shift-click and Cmd-click.

Further tips are located in this knowledge base article.


I am thinking that would just change the selected stuff to the Default Text Style, not to the specific preset PedroFromAus has made.

I am pretty sure the OP is looking for a way to say: find all the paragraphs that I had applied Preset X to and reapply Preset X (which has been redefined) to just those paragraphs.

If there is a way to do that, I don’t know it. Seems unlikely, given that paragraphs do not retain a built-in association with an applied Preset (which are in this way unlike Styles).


Ah, yes, sorry. I think you’re right. There isn’t a good way of doing that yet, except by hand. The framework it takes to update formatting globally is pretty complicated stuff, but we’re working on it!

Thanks, AmberV, but gr has it right. I thought it was a long shot, and not a big deal, but it would be great to have that capability one day!

Depending on what you need, you might have better luck just waiting. Use the current incorrect format consistently, and then fix it all later at once with a word processor, after you compile. Most have tools for selecting ranges of text based on a common format, and then applying a stylesheet to that. Obviously that’s for the final stages though, if you even need it.

For example, Word has some pretty advanced search and replace possibilities, so that you can search for some combo of format elements and then use replace all to assign a particular Style to every paragraph that matches.