change full screen background color

I have searched the faq and tutorial videos but cannot see how to change the background color when I go to full screen. In all the demos, it shows a black background that I like. However, on my program when I go to full screen I get this annoying yellow color that I find very distracting.

Can anyone tell me how to remedy this?


Full-screen mode should keep the colour of the regular window.

Do you mean Compose mode?

If yes, from Scrivener > Preferences …


Thanks so much. So simple. Just didn’t know where to look!!

Happy to help.

It sounds like you’re all set, but as a point of trivia, you can actually have a separate project window theme in Mac Full Screen mode. There is a checkbox you have to enable across the top of the column selection list in the Appearance pane. When that is checked, an additional category will be added to the left column. You can’t change everything, but you can change quite a bit such as the Binder, text editors and so forth. It’s a nice way to turn Full Screen into your “night mode”, for example.