Change heading level when compiling MMD to HTML – how?

I’ve used the MMD to HTML exporter when I’ve compiled my project and I get frustrated with how it seems set to start at h1 instead of reserving h1 for the project title, using h2 and so on for folder titles et c. I guess you can argue the strictness or correct semantics of either from an HTML standard POV, but regardless, I’d rather the level 1 titles were formatted as “##” (double hash, i.e. h2) and not with a single hash. Is there any way to fix this?

General remark: As much as I am glad there’s a piece of software like Scrivener which lets me edit in a rather organic fashion, its user interface is crazy. If it were less crazy I’d probably figure this out myself :slight_smile: I hope LL puts in the effort to do a rehaul of it, rethink and redesign it, based on end user research. That would be much appreciated!

Yes, this is something the author of MMD has anticipated and it has always included a special meta-data setting that will offset the overall level by whatever number you supply. Given the usefulness of this option, we supply it as one of the default meta-data keys in the compile pane, the “Base Header Level” key. We have it set to “1” by default, which means that one hash will correspond to H1. If you set this to “2”, it will use H2 for one hash, H3 for two hashes and so on. If you set it to three the top level will be H3… you get the idea. This is also used for other formats that have distinct levels, such as LaTeX. You can avoid having Parts by bumping the number up to 2, which would set Chapter has the highest level of organisation in the book.

Regarding the UI, I’m not sure what you mean in specific terms here. In general we have had positive feedback over the ease of use and UI design—enough so that some kind of blind overhaul to anything-but-what-we-have would be a bit reckless (much as that may be in style these days). If you have some specific complaint with the navigability or usefulness of the UI, we’re always open to suggestion. :slight_smile: