Change Horizontal Line Color

I’ve searched the forums and the internet, but couldn’t find an answer. Is there a way to change the color of a horizontal line(Edit->Insert->Horizontal Line) from black to any other color? Is there a way to set it’s default color as well?

Thanks in advance for any help provided.


Select the line, change it to whatever colour you want using the colour swatch on the tool bar, or by choosing Format > Font > Show Colours [shift cmd c] from the menu bar.

I assume the line colour defaults to the font colour, so you could only change the default colour if you applied it to the font/text as well.

I appreciate the reply and perhaps, I’m doing something wrong, but I am unable to change the color after selecting the line. Also, the line doesn’t follow the text default color as I changed my default text color to green, and the line color is still black.

Thanks again.

Mmmm, curious. For me, as described above, the line colour can be set by itself when selected, or it just follows the current colour of the font.

[attachment=0]line colour.png[/attachment]

Perhaps someone else can figure out/explain why it isn’t working for you…

Changing the font colour should work, but if not, try changing the underscore directly. Select the line with the rule by triple-clicking on it, then hit Cmd-T to bring up the standard Mac font panel (Format/Font/Show Fonts). Use the Text Underline button to select “Color”.

Once you have that, you can copy and paste the line to make new ones, instead of inserting a default black one every time. I keep a “Pasteboard” document in my Binder for this sort of stuff. Add that document as a favourite, and now you can easily pull it up with the View/QuickReference/ menu.