'Change icon' in Binder vs change color etc.

‘Change icon’ in Binder vs ‘change color’ or ‘convert folder<>file’

When one right-clicks on an icon in the Binder, the pop-up window is about changing the icon. Most of the time though, I want to change the color or convert folder<>file only.

Due to habits learned in the Finder, I keep on clicking on the icon instead of the titlebar next to it.

When I do it right and click on the titlebar next to an icon to change a color, the pop-up window includes the option for changing the icon. I would say that suffices.

Could this feature maybe be turned into an On/Off option in the preferences?

I’m going to make the icon pop-up appear only on Option-Ctrl-Click in a future version, as you’re not the only persons who has reported finding this awkward.
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