'Change Icon' menu entry

I really like the ability to assign icons to things in the binder, and I particularly like the way they adopt the right tint to reflect the ‘image’ setting. Nice touch!

One thing - the location of the menu entry seems non-intuitive to me. I would have expected to see it bundled together with the ‘status’ and ‘image’ entries, as all three affect the visual status of the item in question.

So at the risk of being premature and getting rotten fruit thrown at me, can I make a wish? :wink:


/me chucks a black banana at you. :wink:

Rotten fruit aside: rationale behind the place is this. The Documents menu influences the item at the document level. What it is in context with the outline, how it is presented, what you can do with it, etc. So it is more pragmatic than visual based. The visuals serve the pragmatism, not the other way around.

Ah, I see it’s in the Documents menu also. Actually, I wasn’t referring to that, just the context menu when you right click on an icon in the binder.

But… I appreciate that L&L has a much better ‘big picture’ than I do as to the reasoning behind the way Scriv is laid out (and it’s just as well you do!) so no complaints here.

Good choice of projectile, by the way. Aerodynamic and pointy, plus a chance you get it back for another go if it misses :slight_smile:


It’s something you’ll generally use much less often than label or status (or Move To etc), so is further down.

Once there was a fairy called ‘Nuff’ … his friends called him… well, you get the idea.

Seriously, awesome job Keith. I’ve been playing with it ALL BLOODY NIGHT and it’s just … exquisite.

I really should go to bed soon :slight_smile:


Thanks Eddy!

(I think I have a bed somewhere.)