Change icons issue

Used to be I could double tap my trackpad on the default icon in the sidebar and get the icon list. Now I have to go down to the system gear at the bottom and hunt for a menu item. I know this should seem like a minor inconvenience but it the multiple small hassles to my work flow add up.

Am I doing something wrong? Or, if not, could you reinstate the two finger tap on the icon for an icon change?


Right clicking / two-finger tapping should work…or not what you expect?

V2 used to have two results for right-clicking in the Binder – on the icon it showed the icon menu, on the name it showed the standard binder context method. It doesn’t seem to do that in V3. I confess I didn’t notice the change until the OP mentioned it.

Very true. But they shouldn’t need to use the gear icon at the bottom of the screen. Right clicking / two-finger tapping works to bring up a menu.

Ohhhhh, try CTRL OPT CLICK

Hah! Yes – so it does… Well spotted!

If only finding the right key combination didn’t rely on me aping the infinite monkey theorem.

I usually use KeyCue for that (shortcut key shows you all the shortcuts in operation across all open programs), but I was on the laptop and I haven’t reinstalled it since I put High Sierra on.

And instead of the infinite monkey theorem. I could / should have tried the RTFM theorem.


It’ll never catch on.

True. And prophetic.