change in behavior after Yosemite upgrade

I’m using the Comic Book Script template included in Scrivener, which allows you to quickly use the TAB key to transition from Panel #, to Description, to Character Name.

I recently upgraded to Yosemite, and when I TAB into a “description” mode, there’s now a generic “auto-suggestion” drop-down.

Some Googling seems to indicate this might be a feature of Yosemite which folks refer to as “quicktype,” but I’m not sure of that; also, that feature is supposedly triggered by the ESC key, but I’m seeing it when I hit TAB.

I’ve attached a screenshot. This is probably Yosemite’s fault, not something with Scrivener. But I can’t find how to disable these pop-ups. If anyone can help me figure out how to disable them, I’d be grateful. Thanks.

You may be able to get around that by adjusting your script settings in a benign fashion. Use the Format/Scriptwriting/Script Settings… menu command, click on the element that is giving you trouble, then click on the “Auto-Complete” tab. You’ll see an option for, Include project completions for this element. Enable that and this auto-complete thing should stay out of your way, hopefully. This is a know issue, it should be fixed in the future. The upgrade to 10.10 and the changes to how it more aggressively assumes everyone wants auto-completion for even empty lines, is indeed the underlying culprit, but there is a way around it.

AmberV - that fix seems to have solved the issue!

HUGE thanks!