Change in Markdown to HTML?

Since the latest upgrade (to v. 3.0.3) it seems that the compilation from markdown to html is broken. ## and ### are nor replaced by header tags anymore. Am I doing something wrong?

Nothing has changed in this regard. You haven’t ticked “Convert rich text to MultiMarkdown”, have you? If so, un-tick it. That will escape Markdown characters. It’s an option that is intended for rich text users who want to try out the MMD formats, not for users writing MMD in the editor.

And in addition to the above, I would switch your Compile for setting to plain “MultiMarkdown”, and take a look at what you actually have when you compile, before it gets passed to Multimarkdown and converted to HTML. That can help you spot problems in the compile settings that are producing invalid syntax. For example you might find your headings look like:

## Chapter One Name of Folder ##

That’s not Markdown syntax, but it’s a result you might end up with if you try to use one of Scrivener’s built-in formats designed for RTF-style output rather than Markdown.

Thanks all. It turned out to be my mistake :frowning: I used ##Header instead of ## Header.