Change inline footnotes to Inspector footnotes

Hi All,

As the subject indicates, I’d like to change inline footnotes to Inspector footnotes - is there a way to do that?

Thank you,

The Format/Convert/ sub-menu has every possible permutation of note conversion you could desire. :slight_smile:

I’d like to report a bug: I don’t see the Format->Convert->Crap Novel into Best-Selling Masterpiece. Please get that taken care of asap. I’ve got at least three terribly written novels I need to convert.

Also missing:
Convert Redneckian to Vic-k-ian
Convert Vic-kian to Rednekian
Convert * to beer.

It’s already fixed on the Windows version, but under Tools/ Writing Tools submenu.

There’s a workaround for Mac users though. Export your novel to RTF, then open the exported file and copy all its contents to the Scratch pad. Then rewrite. :laughing:

Worked perfectly, thank you!