Change Key Combinations for Navigate Views?

I’m finding the three-key combination for navigate views awkward (opt-cmd-shift JKLI). Could the shortcuts be changed to control JKLI?

Possible problems: ctrl-K seems to delete to end of paragraph in both Scrivener and Text Edit, but I can’t see this command listed in the menus of either program. Is it reserved or known to have that function?

Ctrl-L doesn’t beep at me the way ctrl-J and ctrl-I do, but I can’t see that it does anything, either, and I couldn’t find it on the list of Apple shortcuts I checked.

Does anyone know if changing to these key combinations would pose a problem? I can always redefine keys myself, but I thought it would be easier if the program did.

Control has special meanings in the text system, I believe, so this would not be an option.

Apple’s Cocoa and Carbon widgets come embedded with some shortcuts that most people will never know are there. What you have inadvertantly discovered are some keycodes that any UNIX user will immediately recognise. Ctrl-K deletes from the cursor to the end of the line; Ctrl-E moves the cursor to the end; Ctrl-A to the beginning; and there are others too. I think it is kind of funny that they put these in there, but I find Ctrl-A/E to be quite useful as it means not having to leave the home-row for the Cmd-Arrow shortcuts, or even worse – the mouse. They are not printed anywhere, and work in nearly every application. It is kind of like Cmd-RightArrow moving to the end of the current line. It is nearly universal, and not referenced anywhere.