Change keyboard shortcuts in El Capitan

Is it still possible to edit shortcuts in Scrivener in El Capitan? If so, how?

According to the Scrivener 2.7 manual, to change keyboard shortcuts you use the Keyboard preference pane. In the Keyboards preference pane on my Mac, there doesn’t seem to be any of the tabs referenced in the manual. There are a few shortcuts for Scrivener listed under Services, about adding material to Notes or text (as below), but that’s it.

  • Richard

From page 429 of the manual.

El Capitan Keyboard preference pane

You need to click the App Shortcuts item in the left column there.* That will show you all you app-specific shortcuts. You may our may not have any existing ones for Scrivener, but you just add your custom key commands (for any menu item) there as desired.

(who is not really running El Cap)

  • The instructions you quote mis-labels the item as ‘Application Shortcuts’.

Got it. Thanks.