Change lable and status

i’m using Scriniver since yesterday :slight_smile:
But it is impossible to set colors (lable) or another status (im progress… etc.) on the
chapters i have made.
I tried → right click → lable → color of my choice. But its doesn’t.
Same with “Status”.

I would like to use this options. Hope to find help :slight_smile:

I forgott to say “I’m using the windows version”.

By the way, the Interactive Tutorial in the help menu is going to be a good useful introduction into Scrivener, and goes over stuff like this (most specifically, the “Label & Status” section, but first going over “The Inspector” would be a good idea to make sense of the context).

Otherwise, the right-click commands do work the way you expect, but my guess is that (without the Inspector being open) you’re looking at the folder in such a way that you can’t really see it, right? If you click on it, you’ve got a Corkboard in the main view by default, and that’s only going to show the things nested within that folder, not the folder itself.

No worries, if you have a question that is very specific to Windows (like you think you may have found a bug), then there is a category for that which you can post in to. For general questions like this, this is a good place to post, and it doesn’t matter much which platform you are on. If we really need to know, we can click on your name to see your platform info, as you provided when signing up.