Change Language Manually


I understand that languages other than English will be added at a later date, but will it be possible to have Scrivener in English, even if the device is set to German?

On my Mac I use English and I’d like to use English on my iDevices as well.

Thanks a lot!

We haven’t started that process yet, so I don’t know, sorry.

Why not simple set the iDevice to use English instead of Deutsch? It wouldn’t change anything but the language, I guess. And possibly the keyboards used by different apps, but keyboards can be changed separately on iDevices.

I have found this app useful:

Language Switcher
Use your apps in different languages at the same time.

Not on an iOS device… :stuck_out_tongue:

Some things aren’t available if I have set a different language than spoken in my region. For example, the spotlight search does not feature web search results, if my language is set to English, while my Region is set to Germany. It does work if I set my language to Englisch and my region to the UK. I don’t know why it works this way, but that’s why I switched my devices back to German.

Thanks for the reply. I’d really appreciate if I could set my language independently from my device settings.

This is something I really would like! Autocorrect is taking half of my life when writing in english. If I switch the device language to english the other half of my life goes…
Perhaps the best would be if Apple allowed language settings per application, just as they allow other settings like notifications etcetera on specific apps.
But until then; Please let me switch language in Scrivener! Better yet, let me set language on document level.

I’m not sure I understand the issue at stake here: when I use the English keyboard, the autocorrect works in English. Similarly when I use the French keyboard, the correction is based on French vocabulary, etc.

I would love to have the French version of Scrivener for iOS, but in my opinion, it would only impact the interface of the software and not the content of the text.

As it is, I use it to write in French and haven’t encountered any problem related to the language I’m using.

I just realized that Scrivener on iOS is now translated (well, mostly). I’d still rather use Scrivener in English, like on the Mac. Have you given a manual language switch another thought, so that I don’t need to switch the language on my whole device?


I absolutely back this! I started using Scrivener when I was living in the UK and mainly use it for English-language projects. Not only is it somewhat irritating to have a German interface but what makes it worse is that it is not error-free (it is particularly annoying to see the word “Wörter” - words - not capitalised [as it should be] on every page where the word count is displayed).
In sum: it would be great if we had the option to switch the app language manually!