Change layout names to fit better or offer the ability to rename layout categories

I write nonfiction. Even after using Scrivener for several years and through multiple updates, I still click first on Nonfiction whenever I start a new project, then remember that I need to use the Fiction layout even for a nonfiction book.

It would be wonderful if the layouts could be renamed (or at least if I had the ability to choose my own names for them). For example, Fiction would be “Chapters,” which would make it obvious that if I’m working on a traditional book style, I probably want one of the layouts from this section. Non-fiction could be “Cover Sheets” (and I”m sure someone could come up with a much better name).

Are you talking about the layout formats (the ones that are displayed in the middle pane of the compile window), or the layout/section types, which are visible in the right pane (and also the inspector and can be viewed in the outline view of the editor if you add that column)?

The “Section Type” can absolutely be changed. Just go to Project->Project Settings->Section Types, and rename, delete, or create new ones. The Default Types by Structure settings are handy for automatically assigning them, assuming you generally organize your binder in a particular way. These settings are set at the project level, so they’re not universal–that’s why custom project templates are helpful in replicating your setup from one project to the next.

For the compile layouts themselves… I don’t know that renaming them is all that important; you should be seeing example text that shows “PART ONE”, and “CHAPTER 1”, etc… to choose from when you are assigning those section layouts to particular section types. You should of course select the appropriate Compile format (the left pane of the compile window) to start. You can also use the + icon at the bottom of that window to duplicate and edit the format, creating your own custom compile settings if none of the pre-packaged ones suit your needs.

You can rename a Section Layout the same way you rename a Binder item: double-click on it in the Compile Format editor.


Well, I guess if you want to do it the easy way… :wink:

I’m talking about this part. Double clicking didn’t seem to do anything. Since I’m wanting a permanent change, I figured it would be under Preferences, but didn’t see an option anywhere.

Ah. Those aren’t layouts, those are categories of project templates.

You can’t rename those, but you can customize the one that’s closest to what you need, and then save the result with whatever name you want.