Change Multiple Labels/Status and Other Issues

I’ve been using Scrivener for Windows for about two weeks, and so far quite like it, enough that I’ve ditched Word for the time being.

I’m an big time outliner, and I like to corkboard all my chapters and scenes with synopses before writing them. Is see that I can highlight multiple items on the corkboard with ctrl-click, but when I try to change a label or status, only the last selected item changes. Am I missing something? Standard Windows software behavior suggests all the selected items should have changed to whatever label or status I selected.

On importing pictures, this could stand to be more robust. I’d love to see options such as ‘fit to screen’ or ‘resize’ so the pictures we import will fit in the synopsis box without getting cut off. Please let me know if I’m missing something here.

When working on my laptop, I connect wirelessly to my project residing on my file server using the Homegroup. This leads to disruptive pauses when selecting different items in the corkboard and while writing.

So far, those are my only complaints. Otherwise, great product! Thanks for bringing it to Windows.

Where are you trying to change label/status? Using the inspector only changes a single item. To change multiple items, select them then click on the tiny triangle in the footer of the editor to select options.

Ah, excellent, thank you Stacy!

You can also select multiple items and then right-click to change the status or label via the context menu.

The delay you’re experiencing working over the network might be helped slightly by increasing the auto-save interval, so that you at least cut down how frequently you’re writing to the remote disk, but you’re probably always going to experience a little slowdown since every time you need to read something from the disk you have to go over the wireless. This may be improved somewhat as Lee continues to optimize the program, but really the best way to ensure speed is to work from a local copy. You might want to try just pulling your project down to your laptop while working and then moving it back to your server after you’ve finished.

For images, you can adjust their size in the editor–images loaded directly you can double-click to access the image tools, and you can right-click embedded images to choose “Edit Image” from the context menu. There isn’t a way presently to adjust the appearance of the image on the index card, although you can change the size and ratio of all cards on the corkboard, which may help a bit.

WOW really useful info thanks - might suggest such a FANTASTIC function could be a bit easier to see - the arrow icon on the bottom is just a smidge opaque! Would have been v helpful last week :frowning:


Hi Steve,

As Jennifer pointed out, you can also just right-click on the items to do the same thing.

All the best,

Yep Kevin but I hadn’t noticed that either.

Not sure what you could use, but any pointer into the wonderful complexity of Scrivener is a help. The program is fantastic BUT a lot of it’s useful complexity is very opaque. Good icons can lead users, visually, into parts of the program they do not know exist.

But as I said it is FANTASTIC so thank you for your very useful procrastination :slight_smile: Did the novel ever get writ?

I hope you don’t mind me picking away at this Beta. I am a grump but I am hoping some of my curmudgeonly attention might be helpful.


PS Oh OK thank you Keith

Oh, grumpy is good - that is my own reputation, after all. :slight_smile:

We definitely try to provide as many icons as possible, in the toolbar and wotnot. But it’s impossible (or at least expensive!) to provide icons for everything, so some things are definitely a bit more “discoverable” than others. The nice thing about this whole Windows beta is that many users are now coming to Scrivener for the first time, so all the things that have been refined in the interface from Mac users running into issues are now getting a second battering from Windows users - all of which will feed into 3.0 no doubt!

All the best,

If this bloody book isn’t finished by Scrivener 3.0 - shoot me!


My book’s been on the go since before Scrivener 1.x for Mac… :slight_smile:

Yeah but you’ve got an excuse to procrastinate on it. :wink: