Change notes's font color


I really love Scrivener. Good job !
Just two questions

Is there any possibility to print the corkboard. At that time I’ve got many cards and my screen 's not that huge I can have all the corkboard in front of me. And it can help to think with a global view. So I would like to print the corkboard. But i’m not sure it’s possible

And also, is it possible to change the color of the notes’ font.

I’m going to the countryside and i want to print my work. I would appriciate that the notes appear in a different color

Thanks again for your very good job. Sorry english is not my native langage…

best regards


There’s no way to print the corkboard at the moment, but that is coming in the next (free) update early next year.

As for the notes colour - you can’t choose the default colour, but you can change the colour by selecting the text and going to Text > Show Colors and choosing the colour you want there.

All the best,

Just take a screenshot and print that via preview or paste it into something else.

Open Apple + shift + 4


I’ve been playing with Scrivener for a week or so, and I really do enjoy using it, though it’s taking me awhile to fully get used to it.

I did just note this evening, whilst in full-screen mode, that, though I can make my Inspector HUD’s Notes pane background black (like the rest of my full-screen display), I can’t change the colour of the font. I’d like to add another call for the addition of this capability, at least in full-screen mode.