Change of TOC title in translation

I’ve been on the hunt for changing the title of the TOC from “Contents” to “Inhalt” in the German translation, but can’t find it.
I’m aware, that you can change the contents title in the Mac-version at compile -> layout, but the Windows-version doesn’t present this option.
Can anyone help?

This isn’t currently possible in the Windows version, where it is all auto-generated, so for now you’ll need to do this post-compile in an epub editor like the free Sigil. Compile to epub from Scrivener, open the file in Sigil to make the changes with the WYSIWYG editor, resave, and then open it in Amazon’s Kindle Previewer to automatically create a .mobi version with Previewer’s built-in KindleGen if you need that format. (You can also just use KindleGen directly to convert the epub if you’re comfortable using the command line.)

As for the numbering itself, make sure that you’re compiling to RTF or using the Microsoft Office converters for DOC or DOCX compile. When you open the document in Word, often you’ll get a bunch of ? characters for the numbers, or “1” or something throughout. To force Word to update the page numbers, run a print preview or try saving as a PDF (depending on your version of Word and whether you have a physical printer, the print preview may not be enough, but I always have success just saving as a PDF). That makes Word run all the layout calculation and it will update the page number references in the TOC to use the correct numbers.

Thank you, MM, for the throughout elaborated answer!