Change PDF in Compile

I’m submitting my novel to a competition but can’t include my name on the pdf. How do I get rid of author name in the compile? And I want to change the title too - when I think of a better one.

thanks in advance

In the main compile panel, top right, one sub panel is metadata.

I can walk you through that in a ten-minute Zoom session, but there are too many possible details for me to mess with it in chats like this.

one on one assistance

Thank you, I was able to delete my author name but the title is greyed out. is it possible to change that too?

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thanks so much for your offer drmajorbob, but I don’t use Zoom and Vincent has got me half-way there.

I added a space instead of the title and it worked. I have two slashes beside the page number but that’s ok.
thanks for your help Vincent_Vincent

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Anything can be changed. That’s why there are so many options.

Yes its pretty complicated. I’ve done a lot of reading but I don’t think I’ve touched the sides yet.

It’s not complicated. You just need to know where to look.

These workflows may be of use. The first is a comprehensive end-to-end fiction compile with chapter numbers, titles, epigraphs, POV-specific headers, page breaks, etc. (Leave out anything you don’t want.)

The second compiles chapter titles, epigraphs, and synopsis entries and illustrates Scrivener’s ability to create very different exports from the same content.

Chapters, Headings, and all That

a synopsis/epigraph report

Also watch Literature & Latte’s Compile tutorials. Four videos, 22 minutes, can make a big difference.

Getting Your Work Out

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Thanks again drmajorbob

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