change pre-sets of current document?

Hey ya,

One can set the default formatting for “new” documents. One can also apply the default formatting to the current document.

However, after one appies the default formatting to the current document, then when one selects a piece of text and sets it to say “heading”, then the text it set to the “old” formatting before you’ve applied the new formatting to the document, as oppose to the new format settings that you’ve applied to the “document”.

So all of the pre-sets of the current document are still old. The only way I found around that is to manually select a heading, then select “redefine formatting from selected”, for each and every type of formatting pre-set you have.

Seems kinda complicated. Am I doing it wrong :slight_smile:?


I’m not quite sure I follow you, sorry! Formatting presets are global, for use with all projects. They aren’t a full styles system or anything really similar. They just allow you to create some formatting presets that you use frequently.

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