change save location?

I mistakenly chose to save a new project created on the iPad to the iPad, not to my Dropbox folder (where I can access the project from the Mac). Is there a way to change that?

Alternatively, since I didn’t create any documents in the Draft folder when I realized my mistake, is there a way simply to delete the project from the iPad and make a new one with the correct save location?

When I tap the project on the iPad and go to the Edit button, the bar opens at the bottom but the Trash Can icon is dimmed, so i can’t seem to delete it that way.

If you have connected to a Dropbox folder, all you have to do is to tap Edit and then move the project from the iPad section in the Project view to the Dropbox section above it. You get the horisontal lines to the right of the project name when you tap Edit, indicating that you can tap-hold and move it. Quite simple. :slight_smile:

And to clarify one point, since you mention tapping on the project and then editing: the Edit button in question is the one on the main project list screen, not the one you get once you navigate into a project—that edit button is for editing the components inside of that project, not for trashing the entire project.