Change saving target folder?

For awhile I stopped using Dropbox and resigned myself to working only with the MacOS version. I’ve reactivated Dropbox, uploaded the files from my laptop to Dropbox, but find that Scrivener is still saving changes to my projects in the laptop’s folder, not the Dropbox folder. Is it possible to change the target folder for an existing project, aside from creating a duplicate in Dropbox using “save as”?

Scrivener saves where the project is.
If you want it to save to dropbox, that’s where the project needs to be.
Make sure that dropbox leaves your files available offline.

Thanks, Vince. The Dropbox folder that actually works with Dropbox exist on my laptop located at users/Dropbox. There is also my old Dropbox folder, which I used whilst I disabled Dropbox, located at users/Documents/Dropbox folder. Do I have to get rid of the contents in the latter? Is it enough to have that users/Dropbox folder to allow me to work offline and keep my projects safe? Thanks.

The project needs to be in the one of those two sync folders that you want it to sync to. Close Scrivener, manually move the project to the right sync folder, then reopen the project from that location. That simple.

Some people will say otherwise, but I consider a sync folder to be offering no safety at all. Only a proper backup routine does. – In a non sync folder.
Using a sync folder as a safety measure is like having a safe that you leave open all the time. Worthless.

For other questions I will not answer, as I don’t really sync projects myself. I’ll leave that to people knowledgeable in that domain.