Change spelling

Simple question, I suspect, but I cannot work out how to do it. One character in my book is called Juliet. I dictate a lot of the text and it always comes up as Juliette.

Two methods:

  1. The laborious one: use Find (Cmd-F) Enter ‘Juliette’ in the Find field and ‘Juliet’ in the Replace field; make sure ‘Whole Word’ is selected and do “Replace All”.

  2. The better method: if it works with dictation, set up a replacement in Apple → System Preferences → Keyboard →Text. I don’t use dictation, so I don’t know if it would work there.

Personally, I tend to leave such issues till the end of the day/session, or until I’ve finished, and use the first method.



Thanks, Mark, for replying so quickly. I will try both methods you suggest. Virginia