Change stlye presets for entire project


I’ve been working on a project for some time, and have changed style presents throughout the project. I’ve noticed that these only seem to be for each individual document. Is it possible to change the universal presents so I can standardize my project?

Even better, is it possible to reapply the new presets across the whole project? Ie: change all existing block-quotes to one style.


If you’re using the Windows release version (1.9x), no - there isn’t. Presets in that version are just a convenient way of applying a combination of formatting and once applied there’s no way of knowing whether they were applied with a preset or just by using the manual controls.

In the Mac version 3 (and in the Windows Beta version), ‘real’ styles are implemented so you can change all occurrences of say ‘Heading 1’ throughout a project.

Thanks for your response. I’m on Windows so… feature request :slight_smile:

It’s coming in v.3 now in beta; no need to request it.



No need for a feature request — it’s already in the Windows V3 beta… If you want to see what will be coming, the beta is open to everybody (have a look at the dedicated forum here) — but it’s at an earlyish stage, so all the usual caveats about not using it for production work apply of course!