Change Template for Existing Project

I have a project that was created with the NaNoWriMo template. Am I able to change it to a standard template?

There is no reason to do that, as it is just the Novel template (is that what you mean by standard?) with a couple of changes to the project target settings and some NaNo text in the binder.

That said, feel free to do so. You’ll find instructions in the user manual PDF, §5.4.2, Converting a Project to a Different Template. There you will find that it is not only largely unnecessary for the NaNo template, but also largely unnecessary in general. Scrivener is not the sort of program where one is locked into a feature set provided by a template. All of our templates started out their life as “Blank”, and all of them could become any of the others, or thousand new ones, with enough adjustment.

You may see advice to do thing the other way around: to create a new project from a template and drag your binder into it. I do not advise that, except perhaps in the most basic levels of Scrivener usage, as that will copy over very little other than the binder items themselves. Your project bookmarks, any compile settings you’ve adjusted, project settings themselves, metadata you’ve set up… all of that would be lost by just dragging binder items.

But again, to reiterate, you’re just pouring the orange juice from one bottle into another with a slightly different label. There is no need. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Amber

The reason I asked is that I have 2 projects with the same settings including font & zoom yet the Novel template fits everything between the binder and the inspector, but the Nano project doesn’t, I have to scroll horizontally. I thought maybe it was a template thing. Examples below:

Both are Times New Roman 12pt @ 250%

It looks to me like the second sample is actually printing text beyond the edge, which would indicate it is using View ▸ Text Editor ▸ Show Page View. This is a setting you can freely toggle on and off in any project, it is not a template setting.

Yes, I understand that, but both samples are showing page view which is why I’m baffled as to why there’s a difference. I’ve checked the settings for both and they’re the same. I only brought up templates as I thought it might have an effect but obviously not.

Oh okay, the top looked more like the normal text editor to me (which does limit the width by default and so it can look like that). Well in that case, if both projects say “Hide Page View” in the menu, it’s probably your paper size that is different.

Go into the Appearance: Page View: Options preferences tab, and check to see what your global setting is, whether it is using the project’s “Page Setup” (in the File menu) or its compile settings. That will help you know where to go to change the “page view” size that you see in the editor, and you can compare those between projects. Perhaps one is portrait and the other landscape?

Nailed it, you’re a star! The page size was set to A4. Changed it to match the other project and bingo.

Many thanks for your help, Amber.

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