Change text color?

How do I change the friggin’ text color? I do not want to change default settings. I do not want “locked” settings at all…for text color, line spacing, etc. I just want to click the friggin text color box and change the friggin color any time I want like every other text editing program known to man. There has to be a way to do this and unlock default settings, it would be ridiculous if not. I like that you can set defaults for COMPILING because that ensures anything you share with a publisher has consistent formatting. But editing is totally different. I color code text constantly to remind myself of which sections to reword, revisit, revise, add to, etc. It is a major part of the creative process.

Click and hold the colour swatch for about half a second to open the palette:

Blue Text.gif

Slàinte mhòr.

Okay, that video shows EXACTLY what I want to do…but it doesn’t work on my computer. I do not know how else to say it because the program just does not react the way it does in your video. When you click the colored text box, a window opens and you can easily select another color. Perfect. When I click the text color box, no window opens, there is no color pallete to select from. It almost seems locked.

I did get the text to change to 1 other color. I achieved this by changing the style to “no style”. Now when I click the text color box, which is blue by default I guess, it changes the selected text to blue. But I still cannot change the text color or highlighted color on the fly.

Nevermind, i’m dumb. YOU ARE AWESOME! I just wasn’t holding down the mouse on the color palette long enough. Thank you so much! This might seem like a small thing but it is big for me. Thanks again!

You can also right-click on the colour swatches to get to the palette immediately, no delay.