Change the Created / Modified date

Hi everyone… Maybe there’s something I miss: When importing an old document, Scrivener gives the project where the document was imported a new creation date. Is there any way to change this, so the creation date would be the same as the article I imported?

I had a slightly different problem.

I had a .txt file which comprised a number of different scenes, all written on different dates (I’d included the date on which I wrote each scene alongside its title).

So that I could retain the original creation dates of each scene, I separated the scenes into different .txt files and saved them.

I then used A Better Finder Attributes ( to manually change each file’s creation date back to its original date before importing it into Scrivener.

Hope this helps others :smiley:

No, Scrivener doesn’t give anything a new creation date at all. When you import a file, the creation date used is the creation date it has in the Finder. The modified date will be given as the date it was imported, because “modified” in Scrivener refers to when it was last changed in the project. The creation and modified dates are different, of course, and can both be accessed via the inspector or outliner.