Change the Default Format of Multiple Documents on iOS

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I’m a new Scrivener writer and I’m loving the software! It’s wonderful to have a flexible writing process. There are so many amazing features!

I would appreciate a feature that changes the default format of multiple documents on iOS.

I plan on creating projects with up to 100 or more individual documents. Saving time and being efficient are important to me.

What’s the point of being able to change the default formatting if I have to manually update multiple documents?

Thanks for listening!


I believe the feature you are looking for is misdescribed here. You are not looking to change the default paragraph format.

You are looking for a way to convert paragraphs TO the default format that you could apply over multiple documents (in iOS Scrivener, as one can in desktop Scriv).

I see you are also using windows. Are you syncing between the two? I am not versed in iOS capabilities/limitations, but you can certainly set (and/or change to) default formatting on your pc and then sync to iOS (if iOS can’t do what you want).

Caveat - Since you are new to Scrivener, I think it’s important to note that it is always best to use “no style” whenever special formatting is not needed in your final output (like block quotes). It gives you much more control and options when it comes time to compile your final output. Always remember, Scrivener is not necessarily a WYSIWYG editor like Word.

If you just want to create you WIP in a different font, you can still do that - then compile can change the font to your publisher’s specs with one click.

  • Important - be sure your read up on the best practices for syncing. Someone else can point you to to the iOS/windows sync instructions. :slightly_smiling_face:
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