Change the Dropbox folder Location?

I’m running into one major issue with the Dropbox integration with Scrivener on both Mac and iPad.

I have several projects, and while one of them is shared among several people while all the others are private. I really want to switch my iPad instance of Scrivener to sometimes look at the shared project folder and sometimes to my private project folder. I have the files in dropbox in 2 separate folders but I can’t figure out how to change the location it’s looking at anywhere on the iPad. I was really hoping for some sort of preference as to which dropbox folder I am using that I could flip back and forth.

Please tell me I’m just missing something obvious.


You can do this by tapping “Edit” above the projects list and then tapping on the gear in the footer and choosing “Dropbox Settings”. However, this will re-sync everything in the folder, so it’s not very efficient.

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If you have a mix kf private and shared projects, create sub-folder(s) for the shared projects, under the “normal” Scrivener folder in Dropbox. Then you can share the subfolder(s) with others, but have the top folder private. On the iPad, you will see all projects in all folders, but the others will only see what’s in the shared folder.

Thanks to you both, I’ve just been testing the first option and you’re right, not very efficient so about to attempt to implement Lunk’s version.

Thanks again.

Note that this trick also works if you don’t want all of your devices to see all of your projects. For example, you might want to limit your iPhone to a small ‘scratchpad’ project, while loading up the iPad with a heavier ‘work in progress’ project.

Apropos of this topic, remember that all of the project will be synchronized to the device. There have been a few cases where people ran into problems because the project was larger than the space available on the device.