Change the highlight colour for current line

I’ve just discovered the preference option to change the highlight colour for the current line and I like this a lot, however it’s set at a very pale yellow colour and I wondered if there is a way to change this at all?

I’ve tried looking at various options both inside Scrivener and in system preferences but it seems fixed on this pale yellow and I’d like to set a colour that is slightly clearer like a mid orange much like the one I have selected in system preferences as standard. Can this be done?

Edit: I’ve selected the options to highlight the current text in both the compose tab and the editor tab under preferences. The problem is selecting a colour.

In Preferences, double click on the square showing the current colour – it opens the colour picker.


The only colour option I could find in preferences that looked relevant was under the Formatting tab in preferences and I clicked on that to choose an orange tone but it makes no difference the highlight colour for the current line remains pale yellow. It only alters the colour when you manually wish to highlight a piece of text.

Try Preferences > Appearance > Customizable Colors (at the bottom of the panel).


PS: you can also find a panel for Customizable Colors under “Compose” in Preferences.

Thanks, I must have been colour blind! It’s now much easier to instantly see what line I am working on and where the cursor is placed.

Not at all.

Actually, I am colour blind …


I’m sorry to hear that Martin and I hope it doesn’t create too many problems in your day to day living. It’s not an area I know I great deal about, though I have heard that most colour blind people are able to differentiate between various tones and make sense of them such as at traffic lights etc.

If you want to see what it looks like, there is a free simulator program you can download:

I seem to suffer from protanomaly or deuteranomaly – I’ve never quite worked out which. Suffice to say that there is no difference between green and brown, as far as I’m concerned, and no difference between blue and purple. (Actually, that’s not strictly true, as in some cases I can detect a difference – but it’s in a minority of cases.) In some cases I cannot detect the difference between red and green. Those little LED indicators that change from red to green are completely useless to me.

Various ancestors on my father’s side were painters, but it stopped dead at my generation!


I can understand how frustrating that must be at times, especially in a world where everybody from bureaucrats to product designers think the best way to organise everything is by colour coding. There was another rather useful looking app there at Mac Update actually to help web designers create sites and show them how they appear to the colour blind.