Change the title of TOC / Can't access layout section

I write in french and I’d like to change the word “Contents” that appear on top of my TOC page. But I don’t see how.
I saw on tutorial video that people use the “layout” section in Compile but I don’t seem to have it.
Here’s a screenshot :

Do you have any idea how i can deal with it ?

Thank you,

AFAIK, the Section layout is what in French appears as Présentation de la section. However, I’m not sure if you’ll be able to change the name of the TOC in there. (I’m not at my PC right now to check for it, sorry. Maybe someone else can chip in) :confused:

The table of contents for ebooks is automatically generated and can’t currently be modified within Scrivener, so you’ll need to do this after compiling using an epub editor like Sigil.