Change to a different draft folder?

I understand that the draft folder in Scrivener is unique, but I’m wondering if it is possible to apply that ‘uniqueness’ to another folder. The situation is that I’m doing a rewrite of my original draft and want the rewrite folder to replace the original draft folder (for compilation, targets, etc.).

Can that be done, or should I have duplicated the original draft folder (as ‘Version 1’, say) then gone back and done my rework on that original?

Sounds like you’re almost there, David - but what I’d do is create two “children” under the Draft folder, Manuscript 1 and Manuscript 2, say, move your original chapters under Manuscript 1, and then start rewriting under Manuscript 2, dragging and dropping text across from one manuscript to the other as required. You’ll need to uncheck “Include in Compile” in the Inspector of Manuscript 1.

Or, start a second empty project entirely and, once again, drag and drop material across.

As you’ve guessed, it’s not possible to create a second Draft folder in a single project.

Actually, the “include in compile” bit isn’t even necessary. In the compile dialogue, there’s a drop-down target that is usually just the “Draft” or “Manuscript” folder, but you can select anything inside it as the main target, which will make the Compile settings consider that new selection as the “level 0” Draft folder.