Change to behaviour of tab key,

As a full time user for novel writing, I like to create half a dozen index cards in corkboard view, then go through putting in notes.

Previously, I could use the tab key to move from the title to the description, then on to the next index card. This has stopped in the new release. Was that intentional? Accidental? Is there another way to do this?

Given that I have been doing this for a couple of years, it’s annoying to have to change my behaviour, but not life-threatening.

I’m also wondering about this new behavior. The TAB key will work to move from the text of one card to the title of the next, but will not go from title to text. As a touch typist, I hate to lift my fingers from the keyboard, so it’s a bit of a nuisance to have to use the mouse to do this. Or is there a new shortcut? I’ve looked but can’t seem to find one. Any info is appreciated.

Thank you,

This is an unintentional change that probably crept in when fixing a bug that caused the synopsis text on the corkboard to be lost if it wasn’t submitted prior to switching documents in the editor. Sorry about that! It’s on the list to be corrected, so the tab key will work as formerly.

To MM,
Thanks for taking the time to read & respond. Like Gina, I’m a touch typist and dislike anything that makes me reach for the mouse unnecessarily.

I’ve nearly finished this draft, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that by the next draft the Unintended Consequence will have been whipped severely and sent packing.

In two years of use, this is the first gripe I’ve had about Scrivener, BTW. I love it and recommend it to other writers constantly.


Hello, where could I get information about if the bug is solved?

Thank you.

You can see the list of changes per version here. 1.8.0 is the current release, however, so there’s no fix available yet for this bug. It will be corrected in the next update.