Change to Scrivener keyboard shortcuts not working

I recently switched to a new PC (Windows 11 Pro like the old one). When I went to change one of the keyboard shortcuts (changing Strikethrough to Ctrl+Shift+_) it registers on my shortcut list – but when I press the actual keys while editing a Scrivener document, it doesn’t work.

What’s interesting is that other key combinations do work. But I would like to assign Ctrl+Shift+_ because I have used it for years across applications. It worked fine on my previous laptop, and it works fine now in Word on my current one.

Ideas welcome.

AutoHotKey could fix it by handling the shortcut translation.

The shortcut would remain the same in Scrivener, but when you’d type your new shortcut, AHK would turn it into the functional one.

This looks like a quirk with how keystrokes are recorded and re-interpreted, if you will—so typing Ctrl+Shift+- is being recorded as Ctrl+Shift+_ as though Shift is its own stroke not part of creating the _ character (which I’m assuming it is on your keyboard). This is something we’ve struggled with the system about and haven’t got a real solution for the Record option to avoid this.

However, you can rectify it by instead just spelling out the shortcut in the Key Sequence field rather than recording it. You can enter either Ctrl+_ or Ctrl+Shift+- and it should work for you then in the editor. (So I should say, the solution has been allowing the shortcut to be typed in rather than only letting the system record the strokes. :slight_smile: )


That did it! Thanks for the quick reply. (And I should have thought of the obvious, but at least now the solution is searchable for others dealing with this little kink.)

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