Change to "Split with selection as title" availability

I have a very minor frustration stemming from my personal workflow. I’ll start with my “wish list” item, and then explain my reasoning.

If I select the last piece of text in a document, I can’t do a “Split with selection as title” to split the document at this point and create a new document with the title set as this text. So I’d love the “Split with selection as title” to appear whenever there is text selected, even if this text is the final text in a document.

I personally can’t see a disadvantage to changing the logic in this way, most people wouldn’t even notice the difference, but those of us wishing to split off the last sentence would love it.

And now my workflow…

As I write say Scene A, I’ll come up with something else which I want to put into a new document, another scene, a location to write up, or just a TODO I want to farm off and come back to later.

I jot these down quickly at the bottom of the main text, each on a new line usually preceded with a TODO to be clear these are things I need to clean up, add meta data, sort, bin or whatever.

At some point I go through these TODOs at the bottom of the text and “Split with selection as title” so I end up with documents titled “TODO Fred and Mary talk about their mutual love of cheese” or “TODO check chapter 1, suspect too much talk about cheese”

But I always have to add an extra CR after the last piece of text before I can do the split, and it’s too easy to select the last sentence and the last CR character by accident.

There you go, I’m hoping this is a simple change to a minor if or switch statement with no negative impact elsewhere, then maybe I’ll get to see it in an update :slight_smile:


Done for 2.0.6.

I think that reply deserves a big ol’ w00t w00t.

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My only beef with Lego Star Wars is that when I bring up events from Star Wars now, my son starts talking about how things happen in the Lego Star Wars game, grr. But we did have a fun week building the Lego Death Star after Christmas - that thing is amazing (and is never being taken apart).

The next beta will have the new Split at Selection with Title behaviour, by the way, which will be available on the beta forum some time next week I hope.

All the best,

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Unfortunately he likes all of them, but we are very careful to steer him towards the Han/Luke/Leia years, don’t worry!

Death Star lego with the kids, I’m a little jealous…

My twins just turned 4 last month, so Star Wars is something they’re aware of, but it’s not yet rocking their world.

I started them real early though, there’s an Mr Potato Head Artoo-potatoo and Spud Trouper in my office which they are very very familiar with.

I’m just sitting back waiting for the day when I introduce them to the Greedo controversy.

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Good luck hanging it from anything - it’s massive! There’s Darth Vader’s TIE fighter, the control panel that Ben has to disable, the trash compactor, the room showing Alderaan being destroyed (which you can swap to show the proximity of Yavin IV) and the Emperor’s chamber. I particularly enjoyed a review on the Lego website regarding the latter. Most people were raving about what a great Lego kit this was, but one review gave it something like one or two stars and expressed outrage that the Emperor’s chamber should be in the same Lego model as the trash compactor when these were COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DEATH STARS (capitals obligatory). It’s a fair point, but still… :slight_smile:

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Ouch, that’s the old original one - and I thought the boy’s main present this year was expensive!

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I never got the adjusted “Split with selection as title” logic to work in the Beta’s, but as it’s such a minor issue I never mentioned it.

But it’s still not there in 2.1 :frowning:

So what’s the status, is this now a “not likely to happen soon” item?

I’m not sure what you mean - this has already been implemented. If you select the last piece of text in a document in 2.1, Documents > Split > with Selection as Title works.

Oooh very interesting…

I can now get it to work for n-1 documents if I’m in Scrivenings mode, but if I’m in single document editing mode it doesn’t, and of course when I do use the “Split with selection as title” option I’m invariably in single document mode.

It won’t ever work on the final document in a Scrivening either. So it’s okay at the end of a document before a split, but not at the very bottom of the editor window.

So the rule (for me) is: If my selection includes the last character in the editor, then the “Split with selection as title” option doesn’t appear.

Can you replicate it?

Update I’ve found the issue:

It’s the “right click” context menu that’s broken. The Document / Split options are correct, but they don’t parry up with the context options. I only ever use the context menu in this scenario as I’m off the keyboard and on the trackpad / mouse.

To replicate:

  • Select the last line in an editor window (Either editor, compose mode or not)
  • Right click it.
  • See the “Set Selected Text as Title” option visible but not the “Split with selection as title” option.

Just tested this–looks like it only works on Lion. Whoops.

Edit: Oh, wild. Okay, so following the above comments

  • When viewing a single document, on Snow Leopard both split options are grayed out in the Documents menu when the last line of text is selected and the context menu items don’t appear at all; shortcut of course doesn’t work either. On Lion, the options are missing from the context menu, but are available via the Documents menu and the keyboard shortcut works.

  • When in Scrivenings mode, if the text selected is not in the final document, then in SL the options appear in the context menu but are grayed out; they’re grayed out in the Documents menu as well. On Lion, the options are in the context menu and everything works normally. If the text selected is at the end of the final document, then on both SL and Lion the context menu doesn’t contain the split options, but the Documents menu and shortcut work for Lion (and are not available for SL).

Ah, now I see - you didn’t mention it was in the contextual menu before. :slight_smile: I have fixed it for 2.1.1, which will either be out next week or in three weeks or so. In general, if you notice that something’s not working in the beta that I’ve said should be working, please give me a nudge, as otherwise it will get through to the release version as well.