Change ToC Location in eBook formats

So, though not nearly as back-breaking as Apple not accepting my .epub, this is still kind of annoyance.

Is there a way to change the location of the ToC in the .mobi and .epub compiles? Currently, it’s the first thing. I would at least like to have the cover page (My Title by: My Name) come before the ToC.

Also, to make page breaks, I have the copyrights text document, the dedication text document, and the acknowledge document listed as “group” in the Compile settings to get the page break, as opposed the standard “text” settings. This works, but it also adds them to the ToC, which I would prefer to not do.

What I’ve already tried:

Creating a ToC document in the front matter like I do with the print version. But this keeps the page variable, which remains just a variable (because there is no way of knowing the page number), and the links don’t actually work - and it still keeps the front matter in the ToC. In print I obviously just changed the location of the ToC document and then deleted the lines with the front matter. Can’t do that for eReader files.

Any help?

Thanks in advance!

The ToC in epub and mobi are created by the system itself and handled by the reader. To change it I think you have to go into the epub or mobi file itself and edit it.

Ah, thanks. Just thought maybe there was a setting in Scrivener I was missing.

Slàinte mhòr.

Óró JoRo! Slàinte mhòr!