Change width of columns on manuscript format title page in novel project template

In the “Novel” project template, there is a manuscript format title page with two columns of text at the top. The left column contains the author’s address, the right column contains the word count.

I have three questions regarding this template page:

  1. Both columns have the same (narrow) width, and sometimes a long street name or long email address won’t fit into one line (see attached image). Is it possible to change the widths of the two columns so that the right column is narrower than the left column and a long email address fits in one line?

  2. The lines in the two columns are narrower than the lines that extend over the whole widths of the page (see attached image). Where can I change this so that all lines have the same width?

  3. How can I set up text in columns on other pages in my project?

Yes, you can widen the column used on one side, narrowing the other column. To better see what is going on here, toggle the View ▸ Text Editing ▸ Show Invisibles menu command. This will show the otherwise invisible table borders, as faint blue (by default) lines. You can drag these without them being visible, but you have to know exactly where to go. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I do not understand your second question.

So long as you mean small cases like this, then you should now know the trick. Insert a table, and set the table cell borders to 0 wide.

But if you mean a more traditional column print layout, where text from the left column wraps into the right column, that’s something you would set up in your compile Format, under in the Text Layout option pane. Refer to §24.6, Text Layout, and scroll to the “For Word Processing” subsection, on pg. 635 of the user manual PDF.

Thank you, Amber! That answers all my questions :slight_smile: