Changed from PC to Mac...need my Scrivener project

How do I get all my Scrivener files (Windows, trial version) from my PC onto my new MacBook Air? Will I need to export them separately? I’ve downloaded the trial version of Scrivener Mac and will be purchasing it in a week or so. Meantime, I can’t find any information about making this switch.

Thank you.

Each project on the Windows version looks like a folder with other files & folders in it. The folder ends in the “.scriv” extension. Copy that folder to a thumb drive, then plug that thumb drive into your mac and copy everything there to your Documents folder. The Scrivener projects will probably look like single files there; there’s some magical whoziwhatzit that does this; it’s all the same behind the illusion, but I thought I’d warn you that it looks different on Macs.

If you don’t know where you saved your projects, open the windows file browser and search for “.scriv”. Make sure you are copying each .scriv folder, not just the .scrivx file inside it–you need the entire folder’s contents.

Similar thread might help…

Thank you, rdale,
I guess I was expecting much more complication for the process. This sounds straightforward.

Thank you, Briar Kit,
I’ll keep the thread handy as I work!

A pleasure!

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