Changed my email address...can't access my registration # to activate scrivener on a new device

Hello, i have tried emailing customer support over 4 times now with absolutely no reply. I ordered scrivener several years ago and love the program. Recently I lost access to the email address my registration was bought under and therefore cannot access my scrivener registration number in order to activate it on a new macbook pro.
Please tell me how i can get access to my own registration number. It is under my old, now inactivated email address,
Is there a phone number i can call?
I am not going to write a 5th message to customer support, they obviously don’t care to answer.
Thanks for any help.

Please check your junk mail folder to make sure responses from the support team are not being misdirected. I haven’t personally seen your note, but we don’t have much of a backlog at the moment so someone should have responded by now.


I have checked my spam folder…nothing.
Can you send me an email to write to once again where maybe you, yourself, could respond? I have not been able to start writing agsin for weeks now. Just need my already purchased registration number.

Please send me a direct message with the email you used to contact our support system.


Ok…sending email in 10 minutes to: attention Katherine.
Thank you

I actually meant a direct message through the forum.

If you haven’t received a response to your support emails, there’s a good chance that they aren’t getting through and so sending more is pointless.

With your email address, I can look at the queue directly and see whether they’ve gotten through and what action if any has been taken.


Just sent it to you direct message through the forum :slight_smile: