Changed my original PC - lost Scrivener

My PC hardware was replaced and Scrivener is lost - along with my license number I guess.

I am running on a laptop (secondary PC) but would like to write on my new PC.

Please advise what I can do.

Kind regards

Steve Norris

I would recommend to contact L&L under their support line (see “Contact us” on the L&L website). They do not discuss licensing issues on the forum for privacy reasons.

Thank you. I will go there now.

Before you contact support, try our license retrieval page, which is here:

You can re-download the Scrivener application here:

I found my license. Thanks.
If I download on my new PC, will Scrivener contain all my writing done on the secondary machine?


We do not have access to your work. Transferring it between machines is up to you.

For a one time transfer, usually the fastest solution is to use a USB stick. Close Scrivener on the source machine, and use Windows Explorer to drag all your projects to the USB stick. Make sure you get the entire .scriv folder. Then reverse the process on the destination machine. Don’t dispose of the old machine until you’re sure everything has transferred successfully.