Changed preferences don't stick

Another newbie experience: I changed the way the main text editor pane looks: the width of the pane and the font (both the actual type and its size). These changes don’t stick unless I restart the system. Just clicking “save” after I make the changes in preferences and starting a new project won’t activate the changes. And even after rebooting, there is no way of pasting a bit of text that I wrote earlier with a smaller or different font to appear with the new preference settings. I have to retype it, for Scrivener to give me my larger font. Am I doing something wrong?


Please see the FAQ for more info, but basically the font settings in the preferences only affect newly created documents within a project, not existing documents (the FAQ and Help file explain why this is - it’s for a very good reason). The editor width is the default editor width - it’s what is used to resize the window when you click the green zoom button (again, see the Help file for more info, under Preferences).