Changes being lost

It only appears currently as a font change, but I can reproduce this bug consistently. I thought for awhile it was a syncing issue, as I would sync back and forth between iOS and OSx and the changes would get lost that way. But then I discovered that I could reproduce the loss without ever leaving iOS.

(Could only attach 3 screenshots so I’m doing this as a two-parter.)

Screenshot 1: This is the original document. The line I’m going to attempt to change is circled in red:

Screenshot 2: Here I’ve already changed the line in question to Herculanum, but the font selector still has Helvetica checked. There is no way to fix this that I can see.

Screenshot 3: Here is the file with the correct font selection.

Screenshot 4: Here is the sync, still in the document. It doesn’t seem to matter. Sync now, sync later, don’t sync at all: the bug is still reproducible.

Screenshot 5
: Here I’ve backed out of Scrivener file into the main area of Scrivener (where all the projects are kept).

Screenshot 6: And here I am, back in the project, just 2 minutes later, never have left the iPad nor opened the Scrivener file anywhere else. The text has clearly reverted back to Helvetica.

Not in itself a huge change, but a little disturbing that things can be lost, appearing down a black hole. A font change lost, no big deal. 10,000 words of draft lost. Big deal indeed.

Hmm, I note that Herculanum isn’t a font included with iOS and so is one I assume you have installed yourself. I therefore wonder if that font is causing problems. Could you please zip up and send both the font and the sample project showing the issue to AT so we can look at it?

Thanks and all the best,

I’ve sent off that zip file.

Thank you.

Forgot to send the font initially, so it is in a separate email.